KGHP Radio Station

KGHPstudioMost hams will remember the first time they spoke on the air, weather it was on an HF radio of an elmer (aka mentor) down the street, or a VHF handheld. I was in high school and got interested in the school radio station, KGHP, during my freshmen year. Leland Smith, a teacher, introduced me to the radio station after school one day, and the memory of fading two songs together for the first time was pretty cool.

Peninsula High School is one of very few high schools with a radio station these days. The cost of keeping these stations on the air isn’t too attractive to most school districts, but the students, the school district, and members of the community have done a fantastic job at getting some support and funds to keep the station on the air.

Spencer Abersold has been at the front of this effort to keep the lights burning at KGHP. Spencer and some of the students involved with the station have managed to get enough money recently to do a station re-model. It makes me happy to see a local radio station going so strong.

More Features For The Repeater Database

repeaterdatabaseI’ve been spending a bit more time on the repeater database. It’s evolved from a simple html table with data from various sources, to a full-blown database-driven system that supports user editing and has more features than you can shake a stick at lexapro anxiety. You might ask, “Are all these features necessary?” and the answer is no. I didn’t do this to try and compete with some ham radio repeater websites. I just did it to learn about databases, and to have some fun, while getting a useful list of repeaters in the area. The database now has a google map for every repeater, as well as websites, and other information in every entry. It’s probably overkill, but like I said, it was a learning experience.

Edit (2015): I’ve decided to stop maintaining a repeater database of my own because there are now several good worldwide databases¬†available with a large user base. The end result is a broad and high quality repeater database and it is available worldwide¬†online.