Bench Power Supply Part 1

Graduation is on the horizon, and I’ve spend too many years using wall-warts as my primary bench power supplies. I’m ready to finally build something I can be proud to have on my bench. So, I’m setting out to build a really high quality bench power supply click this link here now. Every good project starts with a list of goals and in this case that means setting the specifications for my power supply. I think it’s good design practice to decide what you seek to accomplish before you spend too much time designing. So, without further delay, here are the initial specs that I’ll be designing to. Design Specifications:

Dual Floating Outputs
Adjustable Voltage, 0-30V, Steps of 10mV
Adjustable Constant Current 0-5A, Steps of 1mA
Soft output On/Off Switches (Default: OFF)
Output On/Off Indicator LEDs
OLED Text Display
Voltages/Currents set with single rotary encoder
Serial Computer Interface (Read/Set Voltage/Current)
High power efficiency, switching knock-down stage, regulated final stage
ICSP Header for firmware updates
Made from low cost parts
Now that the specs have been written down, I’ll begin designing the circuitry. Stay tuned for part 2.

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