Weather Station Facelift

Google Interactive Charts

The online user interface for my weather station project got a nice face lift recently. I’ve managed to streamline some of the php code and do some formatting using bootstrap which resulted in a much more pleasing GUI. I also am in the process of adding humidity measurements to my weather stations, but I’m not happy with the current platform. Ideally I’d like to have all digital sensors to avoid noise problems that I’m dealing with using long cable runs to outdoor locations. Another option might be using an ADC at the sensor with enough resolution to give a precise temperature reading.

I’ll be exploring this problem more in my free time, but for now, take a look at the updated display page. Also, thanks to the generosity of family in Spokane, I now have two identical weather stations taking measurements, and they both can be accessed online in real-time thanks to the recent changes I made in the php code.