2 thoughts on “Foxhunt 2016

  1. Hi Tyler,
    Thanks for the fox hunt this Saturday. I have a couple questions.
    1. The park looks pretty big will, I have trouble finding you? I’m from SeaTac and unfamiliar with the area.
    2. What frequencies will the foxes use. I would like to program my transceiver ahead of time.
    3. I have a couple foxes. Should I bring them?
    I have a Highline ARC club meeting that ends at 11:30 but I will do my best to be on time.
    Charlie, K7PHZ, and I are looking forward to the fox hunt.
    Earl, N7EP

    • Hi Earl,
      1. Just go the main parking lot and look for the “RADIO EVENT” signs. If all else fails, call us on the talk-in on 146.550
      2. Everything will happen on 146.550
      3. Certainly. Even though we probably won’t use it, I’d like to see what other people have used in the past.


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