Field Day 2017

Setting up for landing on runway 35 at KTIW

Just like last year, the weather was absolutely great for field day this year. I was lucky enough to be high up in the air this year and worked a lot of stations on 146.52 and 146.55 FM. Thanks to everyone who was patient in the pile-up. It’s tricky to do this in the air when there are so many stations that can hear you, but not each other.

VFR Flight from KMMV to KTIW (Direct Flight Path). Cruise altitude 10,500 ft.

Confirmed Contacts

Call sign, Location

  1. Operating as N1QQ, 1C/OR
  2. KF7UOQ
  3. KC7TAK, Beaver Creek, OR
  4. KK7PR, Bald Peak, OR
  5. N7DB, Sandy, OR
  6. KG7FOP, Sheridan Peak, OR
  7. KK4IBO, I-5 Northbound Exit 21
  8. W7HRY, Silver Star Mountain, WA
  9. WA7ASF, Troutdale, OR
  10. W7PRA, Corvallis, OR (100+ miles)
  11. KI7FCI, Vernonia, OR
  12. WA7LK, Enumclaw, WA
  13. K7KID, Naselle, WA
  14. K7BPH, Brush Prairie, WA + (op. KG7IED)
  15. AE7ZC, Beaverton, OR
  16. KC7VH, Southeast Portland, OR
  17. K7BH, Vancouver, WA
  18. Crossed Washington-Oregon Boarder, Hereafter Operating as N1QQ, 1C/WWA
  19. KK7PR
  20. KF7VWA, Woodland, WA
  21. W7PIG, Camano Island, WA (150+ miles)
  22. W7RC, Ridgefield, WA
  23. KA7AUY, Salem, OR
  24. WA7AIA,
  25. KG7SJY, 5 miles N. of Battleground, WA
  26. KG7RQJ, Coupeville, WA (150+ miles)
  27. VE7VVC, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (225+ miles)
  28. W0MUD, Astoria, OR
  29. WB7OSC, E. of Amboy, WA in the Gifford Pinchot Nat. Forest
  30. N7RIG
  31. KI7F
  32. KI7DFG, Montesano, WA
  33. KF7HQR, Enumclaw, WA
  34. K7SMA, Northeast Portland, OR
  35. N7KE, Redmond, WA
  36. AC7CL, Silverdale, WA
  37. NE7NE, Shelton, WA
  38. K7EZI, Port Ludlow, WA
  39. KC7IGT, Renton, WA
  40. K7LED, Marrowstone Island, WA
  41. KB7NMU, Yelm, WA
  42. AD7BF, Everett, WA

1 thought on “Field Day 2017

  1. Hi Tyler, I passed my technician test today! The reason I am contacting you is because I am mimicking your set up completely with the exception of the antenna. I would like to know how to connect everything from the antenna tuner to the linear 60 watt amp in the cabinet. My mixer, mike, transceiver, and computer will be different. If you would like to be compensated for your help we can work that out, Thanks, Rhyce……I have to wait 3 weeks for my call sign!

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