OSHPark.com PCB Fabrication

OSHPark Purple PCBs

It wasn’t until the last few years that ordering small-batch printed circuit boards became so affordable for the average low-budget hobbyist. Over the last few years several US and Chinese companies have sprung up that cater to the small quantity of circuit boards that a hobbyist usually needs for their projects.

One of these companies is OSH Park. OSH stands for “Open Source Hardware”. OSH Park is based in Portland, OR where members of the local maker/hobbyist scene founded Dorkbot PDX, which grew into a PCB service, and eventually OSH Park.

The nice things about OSH Park is that they have no setup cost. You pay a flat $5.00/sq in. for your circuit boards. They send you three copies of the finished product with free shipping about two weeks after you submit the order. The result is a nice quality purple PCB, with gold plated pads.

I’ve been using them both at work for cheap prototyping, and at home for my own personal projects. This particular board is part of a weather station kit that I’m working on. More info will follow when it’s closer to being complete.